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Welcome to Big Apple Realty Group, your premier destination for finding exceptional residential properties throughout New York. Whether you're searching for a cozy apartment in Manhattan, a townhouse in Brooklyn, or a commercial space in Queens, we specialize in covering all the boroughs to help you find the perfect property. As one of the leading real estate agencies in the region, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the New York housing market and our commitment to delivering personalized, professional service to our clients.

Home Buying Process in New York



Determine your budget and get pre-approved for a mortgage: Assess your financial situation, establish your budget, and get pre-approved for a mortgage loan specific to the New York market. This step will help you understand your purchasing power and streamline the home buying process.



Engage a real estate agent and start your property search: Hire a reputable real estate agent with expertise in the New York market. They will assist you in finding suitable properties based on your preferences and guide you through the selection process. Together, you'll visit and evaluate potential homes.



Make an offer and complete due diligence: Once you find a home you want to buy, work with your agent to make a written offer to the seller. Negotiate the terms and conditions of the offer, including price and contingencies. Complete necessary inspections, assessments, and reviews of property documents during the due diligence period to ensure the home meets your requirements and is in good condition.


Buying a residential property is an exciting and significant milestone in one's life. It involves the process of acquiring a place to call home, a sanctuary where memories are made and dreams are nurtured. From determining your budget and securing a mortgage to finding the perfect property, making an offer, and navigating the closing process, buying a residential property requires careful planning, research, and the expertise of a Big Apple Realty Group professionals. It is an investment in your future, offering the opportunity to establish roots, create a sense of stability, and enjoy the benefits of homeownership.

Residential Homes
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At Big Apple Realty Group, we pride ourselves on our dedicated team of experienced agents who are ready to assist you in selling your home. Our agents have extensive knowledge of the New York real estate market and understand the intricacies of selling residential properties. By choosing our agency, you gain access to a network of potential buyers, effective marketing strategies, and personalized guidance throughout the selling process. Our agents will work closely with you to determine the optimal listing price, showcase your home's best features, negotiate offers, and facilitate a smooth transaction. With Big Apple Realty Group, you can trust that our agents will go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals and maximize the value of your property in the competitive New York market.

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